AGM – 2017

This years annual general meeting will take place on the 30th of September at St. Joan’s Hall, Tilford Road, Farnham.


Minutes of the 30th CARE Farnham Annual General Meeting,

held at the St.Joan’s Centre, Farnham, on September 3rd, 2016

attended by approx. 98 volunteers and guests.


1.  The Chairman, Peter Seager, gave a warm welcome to everyone, especially to Alistair Jaffray, Gillian Sturgis and Frank Stewart. These were the three people who started CARE Farnham .Gillian was the Chair of the famous first meeting on 20.6.1986 at the Farnham Police Station when CARE Farnham was presented to the people of Farnham. Another founder member Pat Fisher sends her apologies as she is unwell.

A particular welcome was also extended to the Mayor of Waverley, Mr. Christopher Storey and Mrs. Storey as well as the Town Mayor of Farnham, Mr. John Ward and Mrs. Ward.

A special welcome was extended to Mrs. Ione Carver, CARE Farnham’s most elderly client, 101 in December, who will cut our 30th Anniversary Cake.

A total of 37 apologies were received from members and one from The Secretary of State for Health.

2.  A presentation was given by Dr. David Brown on the local project “Happy, Healthy at Home” a brief talk about Farnham’s role with the NHS Vanguard programme.

Under this programme a total of 29 Clinical Commission Groups across the country received special funding. Farnham was among these groups. The reason for such funding was special challenges within these areas. While some of the beneficiaries were chosen because of quality, reputation, financial and management problems, the particular challenge in our area was one of boundary challenges. FPH covers a number of Clinical Commission Groups and numerous GP practices and hospitals across 3 counties and across numerous organisations.

The Farnham project is addressing  how to integrate effectively Health, Mental Health, Social Care and the Voluntary sector, particularly focusing on clinical care and out-of-hospital care.

The”buy-in” of all parties involved has been excellent. About a year ago an integrated Care Team was established and is meeting once a week. This team consists of representatives of local GP’s, community nurses, social workers, mental health teams and the voluntary sector, and discusses regularly, with patients permission, complex cases which need the involvement of service from across disciplines. One of the objectives is, of course, to reduce the costs to the NHS. Every admission to FPH costs £ 3000.–, every referral to outpatients £ 150.– and every visit to A&E £ 75.–. The aim is to find ways to use fewer of these resources. This is however not only about saving money, but also and foremost to help people to stay happy and healthy at home as long as possible.

Also, having one central point of contact for all services will help people considerably. The project has now progressed to the stage where the integrated team, meeting weekly, will be centralized at Farnham Hospital allowing patients across the board services out of one point/contact. This will include the five GP practices  across Farnham. An initial 8 am to 8 pm service, 5 days a week will start as soon as building work at Farnham Hospital is completed. Appropriate news announcements will appear in the local  press in due course.

A lively question and answer session followed.

3.  The minutes of the 29th Annual General Meeting were approved and duly signed.

4.  The Chairman’s review for the year was distributed with the agenda and is enclosed with these Minutes.

5.  Treasurer’s Report

The Report is also enclosed with these Minutes. As our finances continue to remain in good health, further contributions have been made to local charities during the year (Surrey and Hampshire Air Ambulances and Phyllis Tuckwell). Suggestions for further worthy, local, causes are wellcome from all members. A question on the item “Other/Talk” under the heading “Receipts” was raised. This item should be more appropriately booked under Donations as it represents mainly the donation for one regular client, who is taken to speech therapy in Guildford. This will be adjusted in the next accounts.

The adoption of the Accounts was proposed by David Attfield and seconded by Peter Mathews. The Accounts were unanimously approved by members.

David Attfield  thanked Betty Coppard for continuing to accept and safeguard our donation envelopes at her home. He also thanked John Stuttaford for having audited our accounts for a number of years. John will retire as of this meeting and therefore David Attfield proposed that the Management Committee will be given the authority to appoint a new examiner in due course. This was seconded by Keith Morris and approved unanimously.

Mr. Rob Walker, a guest, declared himself a “Gift Aid” specialist and suggested that CARE Farnham  examine the possibility of applying for “Gift Aid” on appropriate donations. After some discussions, it was decided for the Committee to address this issue in due course and report back to the members.

6.  Election of the Management Committee

Seeking re-election were: David Attfield, Ann Gee, Liz Ledger, Dudley Pitman, Cathryn Trezise, Pat Wright and Alfred Zbinden. Also proposed was the new member David Ashby.

Peter Seager proposed a vote “en bloc” which was unanimously approved by the members.

As Peter Seager decided to resign after seven years at the helm, David Ashby was proposed as the new Chairman by Peter Seager and seconded by Susan Bussell. This proposal was unanimously approved by the members.

Dudley Pitman, on behalf of all members, then paid homage to the work and efforts of Peter Seager and thanked him for his leadership and guidance over the years. It was noted with thanks that Peter will continue to act as DO and driver in future. As a token of appreciation Peter was then presented with two gifts.

Before concluding the meeting the Mayor of Waverley took the opportunity to thank all the volunteers for their work and made it very clear that all the efforts are very much appreciated, not only by the community but also by the authorities. He did point out that both he and the mayor of Farnham had also attended our previous AGM as Deputy Mayors and were here again in their senior role. Mr. John Ward, Mayor of Farnham also reiterated his thanks for all the efforts made by our great group of very dedicated volunteers.

The meeting concluded at 12.55 pm

Peter Seager then announced the food buffet open and also took the opportunity to thank our in-house catering team under Monique Seager for their sterling effort. Later on a very spectacular and enormous Anniversary Cake in CARE Farnham colours was cut by Ione Carver and hopefully every volunteer received his piece of cake.

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