Minutes of the 31st CARE Farnham Annual General Meeting,

held at St.Joan’s Centre, Farnham, on September 30, 2017

attended by approx. 54 volunteers and guests



The Chairman, Rev’d David Ashby, welcomed everyone very warmly,  especially Karen Holdsworth-Cannon,  from Surrey Community Action, who  would address the participants on “Safeguarding”.

A particular welcome was also extended to the Mayor of Waverley,  Mr. Christopher Storey and Mrs. Storey,  as well as the Mayor of Farnham, Mr. John Ward.


A total of 17 apologies were received from members and one from The Secretary of State for Health.


A very interesting as well as topical presentation on “Safeguarding” was given by Karen Holdsworth-Cannon

The relevant slides are enclosed.

The major point to remember however is, that Safeguarding is everyone’s business!!!    We as volunteers dealing day-in and out with potentially vulnerable customers should remain alert to any signs and if we see it—- report it!!!

CARE Farnham has established a “Safeguarding Policy” which will be posted on the webpages.


The Minutes of the 30th Annual General Meeting were duly approved and signed


The Chairman’s report was distributed with the invitation and was duly approved. In addition the Chairman mentioned the continued need for additional Duty Officers and also informed members that there would be a further Duty Officer/Drivers Meeting in 2018.


The Publicity Officer’s report was distributed with the invitation and duly approved


The accounts with the Treasurer’s report were distributed with the invitation and duly approved. A copy of the examiners report has been added to the accounts.


The Organiser’s report was distributed with the invitation and duly approved


The Volunteer Secretary’s report was distributed with the invitation and was duly approved


The Transport Secretary’s report was distributed with the invitation and duly approved


Election of the Committee and Chairman

Seeking re-election were: David Attfield, Ann Gee, Liz Ledger, Dudley Pitman, Cathryn Trezise, Pat Wright and Alfred Zbinden

The Chairman proposed a vote “en bloc” which was unanimously approved by the members.

Rev’d David Ashby was prepared to stand as Chairman for one more year and was duly approved by the members with acclamation.


Appointment of Examiner: Rob Walker was co-opted as the new Independent Examiner.

Before concluding the meeting both the Mayor of Waverley and the Mayor of Farnham addressed the volunteers and expressed their appreciation for the services delivered to the community by CARE Farnham.

The meeting concluded at 1.00 pm and the Chairman invited everybody to the buffet and drinks and also thanked Monique Seager and the Catering Team for their sterling efforts.