Become a Volunteer


Last year we fulfilled on average 9 or 10 transport requests a day! If you are a car owner and can spare even as little as a couple of hours a week please contact us to find out more about how you can help – and meet some really interesting characters.

We also need duty officers who schedule the trips, so if you do have a few hours free each week we would love to hear from you.

CARE Farnham, it’s volunteer drivers and Duty Officers, by giving their time and using their vehicles for others, have proved to my wife and I that kindness, care and generosity still exist, most certainly, in Farnham.

Mr Purdey

When I had a knee replacement some years ago, a dear friend recommended CARE Farnham to take me to to my physio, doctor and hospital appointments as I did not have a car. I was so grateful for their assistance and have continued to use their services. Not only are the drivers so kind and caring, but also the Duty Officers in finding the drivers to take me. I have been a Duty Officer myself for several years and am happy to be able to help this wonderful organisation which we are so lucky to have in our area.

Susan Bussell

Many years ago my late husband was a CARE driver and then we became weekend Duty Officers together. So, I have known of their help for a long time and have been so grateful as, in recent years, I have begun using them myself. Everyone is so kind and caring, both the prompt, careful drivers and and the diligent Duty Officers. I have recommended CARE to so many people over the years.

Pat Jago